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CropFest in St. Catharines 2019 FAQ's

Can you tell me more about ScrapFest Exclusive and CropFest in St. Catharines?

Looking for the shopping experience of ScrapFest and all the fun of a CropFest? Then join us for our new event in St. Catharines. There will be a select number of your favourite scrapbooking stores to shop from at this beautiful venue. And if you're interested in cropping non-stop, then you'll want to attend CropFest in St. Catharines! You'll be able to crop continuously from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Woo hoo!!

Can you tell me more about CropFest?

CropFest is "Your Ultimate Creative Getaway!" This is an exclusive event for only 120 participants to crop for the weekend and get away for some creative fun!! You will have the opportunity to crop continuously for 49 hours, as well as take part in contests, games, make n' takes and more at our Carnival themed Crop.

CropFest participants will have access to our ScrapFest "Exclusive" Marketplace located nearby, which is included in the cost of your registration. The cost of CropFest in St. Catharines is $179+HST. So come Crop, Shop, Learn and Create with us at CropFest!

What are the hours for CropFest in St. Catharines?

CropFest in St. Catharines will begin on Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 3:00pm and run continuously until Sunday, October 6th at 4:00pm. We will have security available during the wee hours from midnight to 8:00am when CropFest representatives are unavailable.

What size tables are being used for CropFest?

CropFest will set up 8ft rectangular tables, with every participant being given 4ft of space. The Crop will be held in the Royal Henley and Chardonnay ballrooms of the Holiday Inn.

I am attending CropFest in St. Catharines. Can I leave my scrapbooking things in the cropping arena?

You are quite welcome to leave your materials/projects and your rolling totes at your seat overnight in the Crop. ScrapFest does provide security overnight. However, we do recommend that you take any expensive/valuable items (eg Cricut) with you on Friday and Saturday night as ScrapFest Inc. is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Can children attend a ScrapFest Crop?

Out of consideration for other scrapbookers, we request no children under the age of 13 in the Crop or any classes.

Is there free Wi-Fi available in the cropping area?

Yes, Croppers will have access to free Wi-Fi.

How do I purchase tickets for CropFest in St. Catharines?

On-line registration for CropFest in St. Catharines 2019 is done off the website beginning Tuesday, August 27th at 8pm ET.

A couple of weeks prior to this date, "Registration" will appear under the ScrapFest Exclusive & CropFest in St. Catharines 2019 menu on the website. This will bring you to the Registration home page where you can review the CropFest description.

ScrapFest accepts the following forms of payment: PayPal and Credit Card. You may sign in as a Guest through PayPal and do not need to set up an account. We will not be accepting cheques as a form of payment for CropFest in St. Catharines.

Can I attend CropFest in St. Catharines just on Saturday?

Due to the limited number of spots available for CropFest in St. Catharines, we will not be offering a separate ticket to attend CropFest just on Saturday.

Will there be Educational classes offered at CropFest in St. Catharines this year?

Educational classes will be offered at CropFest St. Catharines/ScrapFest Exclusive. They are not included in the price of your CropFest in St. Catharines registration.

Will you be mailing the tickets?

Sorry, tickets will not be mailed prior to the event. All tickets will be available for pick-up at the CropFest Registration table beginning at 2:00pm on Friday, October 4th when you arrive.

What if there are no spots available for CropFest?

If there is a "WAITING LIST" button on a product, that means that there are no spots currently available for this product, however, you can put yourself on the waiting list in case a spot becomes available. Please note: ScrapFest is not able to guarantee the availability of this product.

If there is a "SOLD OUT" button on a product, this indicates that the waiting list for this product is full and we are not able to accept any more names.

Is the Holiday Inn & Suites St. Catharines Conference Centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Holiday Inn is a wheelchair accessible facility.

How much does parking cost?

Parking is FREE!

Are Meals included with my CropFest Registration?

CropFest will be providing a treat on Friday evening, coffee and tea on both Friday and Saturday evening, lunch on Saturday, a morning and afternoon snack break on Saturday, and a coffee/snack break on Sunday. You are responsible for all other meals.

What if I have pre-ordered tickets and can't make it to the event?

Before submitting your order please review your selections. All event tickets are non-refundable after your order has been confirmed. Please see the Purchase Policy in the Shopping Cart for further details.

Does the Holiday Inn have bedrooms available for participants attending CropFest?

The Holiday Inn & Suites St. Catharines Conference Centre is the host hotel for CropFest in St. Catharines/ScrapFest Exclusive. Please see Accommodations for the ScrapFest rate.

What does a Basic Tool Kit consist of?

A Basic Tool Kit consists of a 12"x 12" personal trimmer, favourite pair of straight-edge, micro-tip scissors, favourite adhesives-both wet and dry, black and brown ink, black archival journaling pen, paper piercer and mat, regular hole punch, ruler, pencil, eraser, corner rounder (optional), stapler (optional)

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